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Q: Will my dog still be walked if it is raining?Ready for action!
A: Yes! We will still turn up. Your dog will be expecting us!
Q: What can I leave out?
A: A towel (for rainy days), your dog’s raincoat or jacket, and a lead.
Q: Will dogs be walked during thunderstorms, heavy rainstorms or extreme heat?
A: We will not walk dogs during these extreme conditions, as your pets’ safety and wellbeing should not be compromised.  However, we will make sure to take them out long enough to relieve themselves. We will spend the rest of the time inside with them, playing, petting and providing companionship.
Q: What if there is an emergency?
A: We will carry your vet’s details and two emergency contact phone numbers, in the case of an unforeseen circumstance arising. We will also have a 24 hour emergency veterinary clinic phone number with us.
Q: What if my dog escapes from home whilst I’m away?
A: Your dog will be wearing a “Pawsitive Dogwalks” I.D. tag, stating our contact number on it. We will pick up your dog when contacted, and return him or her to your home.
Q: What if I arrive back from my holiday later than expected?
A: It is the owner’s responsibility to contact us within 24 hours of your stated return date. If we don’t hear from you, we will resume service with your pet’s best interests in mind (additional expenses will be incurred).
Q: How can I assist my pet minder and my pet?
A: – Have current identification affixed to your pet’s collar.
     – Maintain current vaccinations for your pet.
     – Leave details of emergency contact information.
     – Leave one working key for us whilst you’re away.
     – Leave a list of handy numbers for us eg. electrician, plumber etc.
     – Show us your home’s important safety features such as the safety switch & security system.
     – Leave extra food supplies in case you’re away longer than planned.
Q: Why should I choose your pet service?
A: – You have access to a professional, pet friendly & personalized service.
     – Your pet will always get the same dedicated and highly motivated carer.
     – There is a high emphasis on animal safety, security and peace of mind for you.
     – Your carer is trained in pet first aid and animal behaviour.
     – You are dealing with a fully insured and police checked business.
     – Protecting your privacy is our commitment to you.
     – Our customers are offered loyalty schemes.
     – We are passionate about animals, their wellbeing and quality of life!


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