Pawsitive Dogwalks - Professional Dog Walkers & Pet Sitting Services, Group of Dogs

Our Policies

Security Policy

  • Pawsitive Dogwalks respects your privacy and we are committed to protecting personal information collected about you, in accordance with the National Privacy Laws.
  • You may leave your key on file with us, or have it returned after your booking.
  • Your personal details, address and security information are stored in a separate location from your keys at all times. We will only have access to this information.
  • If your keys are misplaced or you have locked yourself out, then you can call us for assistance.
  • We will not use our clients for references without written permission to do so.
  • Your privacy and pets’ safety are a prime concern and ours is as well
  • We must be advised of any person who has access to your home on the days of our visits.
  • We will lock all doors upon entering and exiting your home. We will not accept to enter via any doors being left open eg. garage doors

Safety Policy for Dogs

  • It is highly recommended that all pets have ID and properly fitted collars in your absence.
  • Whilst dogs are in our care during holidays, they will wear a Pawsitive Dogwalks ID tag with our contact numbers.
  • We will carry your vets’ details and two emergency contact numbers of friends or relatives, in the case of an unforeseen circumstance arising.
  • Dogs will be provided with fresh water at all times, on walks and in spill free bowls during car transportation.
  • Our car is air conditioned for hot days.
  • Dogs will be harnessed in car at all times during travel.
  • Dogs will never be left unattended in cars or in our care.
  • Dogs are always on lead around roads, going to and from our vehicle.
  • Dogs will only be walked off-lead in safe locations (off-lead dog parks) and if we are confident that your dog responds well to commands.
  • We will not walk aggressive dogs. Undesexed dogs and female dogs in season will be walked on lead.
  • We will reinforce basic training and maintain safety at all times.
  • For group walks, it is required that dogs have current vaccinations, worming and flea treatment for the protection of each dog in the group. A current vaccination certificate is required for group walks and pet minding in our home.
  • We carry a pet First Aid Kit with us at all times and also keep one in the car.

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